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 Since 1996 Palm Gaming has been a leading importer and manufacturer of custom poker chips and gaming accessories worldwide. Our recent purchase of Chipco assets arguably makes us the largest ceramic gaming chip manufacturer in the USA. PGI also manufactures military challenge coins. Unlike most resellers of military challenge coins who outsource manufacturing to China, PGI makes everything here in the USA.

 NOTICE: We have sold Palm Imports and will no longer be accepting orders at the Florida facility- however the new owners are manufacturing and can fulfill any orders so please forward orders to: sales@palmimports.com and we will get them processed during the transition. Any questions or for additional information email us or call us at 386-671-4930.

PGI offers, as an option to all licensed gaming facilities, a unique frequency  tag to our gaming chips- and the authenticity of the gaming chip is easily verified by use of a simple handheld tag reader. If it beeps- it’s our  chip. Add narrow spectrum UV security printing- and you have one of the most secure gaming chips available.

At Palm Gaming International:

1- EVERY employee of PGI is BONDED


3- We have had the same staff employed here for 5+ years!

4- PGI is under 24 hour video surveillence as is EVERY work station and EVERY employee in direct-or indirect- contact with any gaming chip OR casino playing card.

5- MADE IN THE USA by Americans

6- We stand behind EVERY order for quality. IF ever there is a problem, it can be rectified IMMEDIATELY.

7- ALL clients are welcome to visit us and tour our facility.

Also, there are a few isolated people in the USA who THINK they produce a gaming chip- in addition to Tee Shirts , mouse pads and christmas tree ornaments. Again, we wish you the best of luck should you decide that saving a few cents a chip is worth the risk.


Custom ceramic poker chips continue to gain stride with casinos and gaming establishments- primarily due to the unlimited creative design(s) available only to ceramic poker chips.

Ceramic poker chips are lead free- an important consideration in choosing which gaming chip to use within your establishment.

Our in-house production of ceramic poker chips is approximately 25,000 chips per day. Our in-house custom inlay capacity on our stock custom  poker chips is approximately 5000 chips per day.

Our ceramic poker chip product line includes 39mm ceramic chips in addition to a 39mm ceramic/inlay chip in TWO inlay sizes, 43mm ceramic chips in addition to a 43mm ceramic/inlay, plaques and also 2 inch ceramic dealer buttons. New for 2013 will be the addition of hexagonal ceramic chips in addition to a 46mm ceramic chip, and a 43 AND 44mm ceramic chip

Palm Gaming is primarily a wholesale manufacturer and resellers are welcome to request a vendor application. Upon application approval you will be provided a unique username and password for access to our dealer area.

While our primary focus is manufacturing chips for gaming establishments- PGI continues to manufacture abs and clay clips for the home gaming market.

The owners of Palm Gaming- Joe , Jim and Barry- are old school….and… most times- the owners  will be the ones answering the phones. We will never abandon our philosophy of personal- and direct- customer service.

Palm Gaming  has sales reps worldwide in order to assist you in your gaming needs. PGI is also a licensed and insured gaming manufacturer in addition to being an ASI manufacturer ( 75779)

Some of our clients include: World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, Nike, Michael Jordan, Budweiser, Nascar, Remax, Coca-Cola ,Motorola, ESPN and numerous casinos and paramutuals throughout the world.


*** Our ceramic gaming chips are MADE IN THE USA. The blanks are molded IN THE USA by Americans. They are printed here in the USA at our Florida facility by Americans. We use American made products from start to finish.  Our chips are slightly more expensive then Chinese Chips. If you are price ONLY motivated then we are not for you. With the rse in counterfeit overseas chips being sold by companies to casinos- then quietly going overseas to manufacture them-we have received an increase of questions as to WHO MADE THE counterfeit chip- we are no longer helping those companies try and figure out who made their chip and what overseas company could have duplicated it! We are a USA manufacturer. We have some of the most secure chips in existence. Consider this when you are shopping for price only.

If you are a casino or licensed gaming establishment please email us directly and we will direct your inquiry to our gaming rep assigned to your area.