Casino and Gaming Vendors

For licensed casinos and gaming establishments, our parent company, Palm Gaming International offers the following products and services:

Ceramic chip blanks with imbedded and debossed mold insignia in addition to proprietary mold markings developed by Palm Gaming. Custom molds and EMD engraving is an affordable solution for casinos who require a casino specific mold mark.

Narrow spectrum UV markings are also available.

In addition, PGI offers casinos and licensed gaming establishments our  audible tag marker for all gaming chips. Casinos are free to use our tag marker- or we can develop a casino specific tag.

While there has never been a succesfull counterfeit ceramic chip made that we know,these three security features all but eliminate the possibility of counterfeiting our chip.

Custom mold design is available for larger orders. Client retains actual posession of retired molds eliminating ANY possibility of unauthorized chip reproduction.

Custom mold designed abs chips are made in our Daytona Beach manufacturing facility. In addition, PGI molds it’s own blanks - and all printing and security marking are  done in-house.

PGI allows exclusive use of our Compression clay scroll mold to licensed casinos. Our Scroll mold is available for rent regardles of whom a casino chooses for it’s manufacturing of compression molded clay gaming chips.