Ceramic Chips


Palm Imports is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of custom ceramic poker chips including plaques and ceramic dealer buttons in addition to military challenge coins. Being former US Army, nothing irks me more then other companies selling military challenge coins MADE IN CHINA! If you want a USA made military challenge coin, you want PGI.

Our ceramic blanks are made to our specifications and are considered some of the most accurate ceramic blanks in the industry. Our ceramic gaming chip- from raw material- to finished product- is made entirely in the USA. With our 2013 purchase of Chipco assets, PGI is now arguably the largest ceramic gaming chip manufacturer in the USA.

Available on all ceramic chips: custom edge stripes including text on edge or embedded graphics.

For casino and gaming clients- we offer custom molds with imbedded  debossed markings and special narrow spectrum UV inks- making counterfeiting a thing of the past. Our  audible tag is available exclusively to licensed gaming facilities and is affordable- and secure. A handheld tag reader is placed over the face of our gaming chip- if it beeps- the chip is authentic. Tag replication is nearly impossible to achieve- since our coding method narrows the chance of replication to over 1 in 5 billion.


Ceramic chips: a proprietary polymer blend whereby images are imbedded INTO the chip material- including the edge.

Standard weights are between 10- 10.5 grams