Clay Chips


Palm Imports has a wide range of Clay chips including our Compression Casino grade Clay chips with no metal insert.  ALL of the clay chips can be customized to suit your needs. All of our clay chips are custom printed using the same high end technology as our abs chips.

Inlays are printed on cast vinyl, then processed through a temperature controlled lamination system, then die cut to precisely fit the given poker chip diameter.


PGI clay poker chips using laminated center printed inlays. 


We use large format printers and a hi quality vinyl substrate for imagery. Printed images are laminated using a high pressure/heat laminator which applies rigid polycarbonate lamination OVER the printed image. Digital die cutters cut each image to precisely fit the required chip diameter. Each poker chip is finished BY HAND to ensure accuracy of image placement.

Unlike others- notably those who print paper labels on laserjet printers and feel this qualifies as a custom poker chip- we use only the best materials on our chips. Our chips are manufactured to OUR specifications- notably a deeper recessed area to allow for the increased thickness of our high quality inlays. In addition, most of our chips are manufactured using RAW  materials. This is alot more expensive then using recycled materials- but ensures a high degree of vividness in our chip colors.

Inlay Features

  • - cast vinyl- the BEST vinyl for accurate color reproduction
  • - polycarbonate 5 mil textured lamination- expensive- but worth the price
  • digital die cut inlays– accuracy to within .001 inch!
  • -permanent UV curable adhesives-100 per cent waterproof
  • - state-of-the-art 1440 dpi wide format printing
  • - inlays are guaranteed not to wear- for the life of the chip

                Chip Terminology

Casino Clay( Compression molded clay)- made using compression molding- different then injection molding. Inlays are pressed into chip when chip material is hot resulting in a bonded inlay/chip. Standard weigths are between 10- 10.5 grams

Injection molded clay- clay like material- usually a clay composite material- made using injection molding equipment

Most feature a metal insert which adds weight to the chip. Standard weights are between 11.5 gms and 14 grams

Injection molded abs- abs/plastic chip made using injection molding equipment.

Standard weights are between 11.5 and 14 grams

Ceramic chips: a polymer blend whereby images are imbedded INTO the chip material- including the edge.

Standard casino grade chip  weights are between 10- 10.5 grams

Inlay vs. label

TRUE INLAY: same as a label actually BUT- because the inlay is pressed INTO the chip when the chip is hot and being formed- the inlay/label bonds to the chip making removal nearly impossible.


STICKER/DECAL :The same INLAY placed onto a cool plastic or clay chip is held in place with adhesive- which becomes permanent with time. Most serious gamers will call an inlay an inlay ONLY when it is on a poker chip and pressed INTO the chip during formation.

Anything else is considered a sticker/decal/label.

” Official Weight 11.5gm poker chips”… the truth here is- 11.5 gms is NOT The official wegiht of a poker chip- let alone a casino grade chip. When China began making abs chips- they found out that the chip had no weight to it– so they began inserting a metal disc into the center of the chip to give it weight. It JUST so happened that the finished product weighed 11.5 grams- and because so many millions of these chips were in the US market-people assumed this to be the official weight- for whatever reason. Most casino chips we between 9.5-10.5 grams. Most serios card players do not like a heavy chip- and rarely use anything weighing 11.5 grams or heavier.